Friday 8 June 2012

Colloquium 2012 - it's good to talk!

'Colloquium' - can be defined as 'a gathering or assembly for discussion' and indeed, that is what happened at our event yesterday afternoon.  Good papers, stimulating discussions, stories shared: such was Colloquium 2012.  Perhaps the award for best word could be given to one of our panellists, Margaret Forrester, who noted she was moving into her 'anecdotage' as she talked of experiences from her early days in ministry.  Our conversations were broadened out wonderfully by the attendance of folk from other faith traditions: certainly both the Catholic Church, Scottish Episcopal Church, and the Church of England were represented.

The papers presented by Anne Logan, Finlay Macdonald, and Elizabeth Ursic were well received, and were also recorded.  A podcast of these papers will soon follow.  Written copy is now posted here. 

Why 'Colloquium 2012'?  The planning group: Elizabeth Ursic, Fran Henderson, and Nikki Macdonald are already wondering about the possibility of another event about this time next year, and pondering themes: and so, 'Colloquium 2013' is already being discussed.  Watch this blog for further updates as we ponder how to keep this conversation going....  In the meantime, the programme/ information for 'Colloquium 2012' have been gathered and moved across to the 'archive' page in order to refresh the conversation.

Many thanks to all who came and joined in the conversation yesterday: it's good to talk.